Profile of Yazhou Translation Co. Ltd

Yazhou Translation Co. Ltd, founded in 1998 in Guangzhou, China,with Guangzhou Zhongtian Translation Service Co. Ltd. as its original name, specializes in providing services of mutual translation between Chinese and other foreign languages and localization pursuit as well.

Even at the beginning of its establishment, the Company developed its guiding philosophy of management as “Focused Dedication of Professionalism” and “High-speed with Accuracy.” By dint of its strong translation team, complete quality control system, and excellent service awareness, the Company has become a well-known leading service institute in the translation profession.

The Company dedicates itself to translation work of all professions and to localization service while providing multi-lingual solution schemes for clients who seek globalization of their business. In terms of the languages it is able to translate, the Company handles 180 kinds, being one of the current translation service institutes that handle the most languages globally.

With its rich translation achievements and experience accumulated over the past ten years and more, the Company has become the leader of the profession in terms of its capacity for interpretation and translation. It has provided great volume of translation services for numerous global enterprises, governmental organizations, and individuals. At different times, it undertook important translation projects from the UN, the World Bank, 500 most powerful enterprises of the world, a new airport of Guangzhou, metro, the Olympic Games, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, as well as interpretation tasks for many global important international conferences; it received high comments from vast clients for its excellent translation and interpretation quality.

In terms of its project handling capacity, it translates as many as two million words weekly of major languages while in terms of its highest-end instantaneous interpretation capacity, it provides more than 30 English, more than ten Japanese, and many other instantaneous interpreters daily. In terms of its service regions, it provides local translators and interpreters for global clients in most countries and regions over the five continents, which successfully helps the global clients greatly increase their income while decreasing their cost.

Translation Strength: The Company has more than 3000 full-time and part-time translators and interpreters of different professions, among whom are senior professors, experts, and foreign language professional who have earned their master degrees or doctoral degrees in translation from both home and abroad. There are also senior translators and translation professors who are expert at foreign languages, science and engineering. Among these translators and interpreters, many are translation and interpretation authorities from their professions. Some of them have published their translation works. More than 30 of our translators have been accorded with a national honorable title such as “Senior Translators of China.

Projects within Our Business Scope: For oral interpretation service, we provide instantaneous interpreters, alternative interpreters, escort interpreters for large-scale international conferences, domestic and foreign exhibition fairs, business negotiations, and equipment installation and adjustment. We also provide local escort interpreters for any institute or individual who goes abroad for commercial trades, inspections, and sightseeing, In addition, we offer multi-lingual dubbing and visual/audio material translation and production, as well as overall editing, design, typesetting, and printing.

Translation Achievements: We have provided numerous domestic and foreign enterprises and governmental organizations with premium service quality. We undertook translation and interpretation work for major projects such as Guangzhou’s new airport, metro, the Olympic Games, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, the UN information materials, the World Bank, and 500 most powerful enterprises of the globe. The translation quality for these projects received high comments from vast clients.

Service Features: The Company is able to undertake the translation of high-quality manuscripts for publication, difficult bulky documents, and emergent manuscripts; it renders free service of tentative translation for enterprises and institutions, and in light of clients’ needs, provides senior translators of native language and high-level translation revisers.

Service Tenets: Abiding by the tenets of quality first and credit first, the Company serves wholeheartedly large enterprises both at home and abroad, governmental institutes, and individuals with premium quality, at preferential prices, and in a standardized and fast manner.

The cultural values of the Company include: people-orientedness, integrity and pragmatism, good ethics as our business guide, competence as the base for thriving the business, respect for talents, pursuance for excellence, and value creation. We bear in our mind that: Quality is the life of an enterprise; we make every effort to satisfy our clients’ requirements.

The cultural values of our company are the operative norms of our staff members and the guarantee to realize the company’s mission. They help build bridges and pave the way for our clients to succeed, create social benefits, and achieve double wins.